Vegetal Mask - Step by step - Illustrator CC

This project is an explanation step by step of the illustration "Vegetal Mask" from the project I realized with Victor Vergara, Elemental Masks. I hope this will be interesting and helpful to understand how I have worked. Thank you for your support !

After some requests, I am showing you the details of the "Vegetal Mask" illustration,
from the project Elemental Masks created in collaboration with Victor Vergara.

This project has been one of the longest illustrations I've ever done, and you will see below the different steps from the sketching on Adobe Photoshop CC, to the full drawing and colorization on Adobe Illustrator CC
The whole final work is in vector.

So let's give it a look and if you like all the time and energy I've put in this project, please appreciate it.
Thank you for your support !

1 / Sketches
Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Photoshop CC
2 / Vector traces
Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Illustrator CC 
3 / Colorization - Shadows & Lights

Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Illustrator CC 
- Working on the shadows using brush and eraser with the Cintiq.
- Adding some textures and lights effects with brush
- Adding some color reflects using gradients and "graphic styles" tools
- Global view after the work on the beard.
- Starting the shadows on the wood part using the pen tool.
- Adding the lights with brush and pen tools - Global view of my interface on Adobe Illustrator CC.
4 / Texturing 

Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Illustrator CC 
- The full texture have been created from a grain I have vectorized and deformed part by part to guide it according to the direction of the wood.
5 / Lights and Blurs
Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Illustrator CC 
- Working on the lights behind the mask, using pen tool and gradients with a hard light blending mode.
- Global view with the first level of blurs and lights
5 / Final Illustration 

With all the details of little lights created with brush and pen tools
Wacom Cintiq 13HD - Adobe Illustrator CC 
6 / Project Informations :
Points : 473353 points
Lengh : 4 860 639 pixels
Hours : Approximately 100 h
Softwares :
Adobe Photoshop CC  : Only for the sketches (Part 1)
Adobe Illustrator CC : For the whole colorization (Part 2 to 5)
Created for the project
Elemental Masks.
Update !

Thanks a lot to Adobe Creative Cloud for the publication of my interview with Gabrielle Hooks from Creative Cloud Blog.
In order to help me to continue this kind of work,
you can purchase some printed products on Redbubble & Society6 !


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